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Hey Girls,

I’m back with yet another replica Louis Vuitton handbag review. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Louis Vuitton Tivoli in GM size(this bag also comes in PM size, but that’s for another review).

This bag in my opinion, despite looking rather generic has a lot more character than most handbags, carry on reading to the feature section to see why.

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I think that the crease below the zip(which is intentionally a part of the design) gives the nifty little number more style and uniqueness than its counterparts. Louis Vuitton handbags are amazing and I love each and every design and model they make, but to non-handbag fanatics unlike us gals,  a lot of them look very similar. The Replica Louis Vuitton Tivoli really sets itself apart with its design.

There are 5 feet on the bottom which protect the piping in case you’re resting it on the floor or any other rough surface.

The mouth of the bag is extremely wide and the bag itself is very spacious, the inside has 3 internal pockets, one large one medium and one small.

The next 2 features have drawbacks too in my opinion, so make sure to carry on reading. Firstly, the zip closure. I love zip close bags, because they make me feel a lot safer about carrying valuable items around. Secondly, sturdy handles, which mean I feel comfortable carrying around quite heavy objects too.


On to the drawbacks, as mentioned, I love the fact that this Louis Vuitton Replica handbag has a zip closure, but the problem is that it’s quite stiff. My friends who on real LV Tivolis tell me it loosens up over time though.

The handles, while sturdy, are really smooth, meaning that if you’re the type of gal who carries a bag in the crook of her arm, be ready for it constantly sliding off.


Thank you for reading my replica Louis Vuitton Tivoli review, if you’re interested in Louis Vuitton Replica handbags, then please read my other reviews. I also review handbags from other luxury brands such as Prada and Hermes, so be sure to check them all out!

Thanks for reading, and as always, stay classy.

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