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Hey Girls!

I’m back with another replica Louis Vuitton Handbag review! Today I’m going to be reviewing the replica Louis Vuitton Speedy!

I own the replica LV speedy 30 and it’s the perfect bag for when you’re just nipping out and running a few errands in my eyes. It’s the perfect size.

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The replica Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 features the regular things we usually see on a replica LV bag, those being the luxurious golden hardware, fantastic quality leather and that amazing red interior we all know and love.

It features a zip closure, so you can feel safe and secure carrying valuables around. The LV speedy replica also comes with a lock, for an added layer of protection.

There is another zip pocket on the inside; it’s not that big though so you can only really fit something like a set of keys or a mobile phone in there.


I’m not sure if some people will class this as a drawback, but it feels quite heavy. Now I believe this is a sign of quality, but it’s definitely heavier than other bags this size.

The Louis Vuitton Speedy will also sag over time, but this is only with extended use, so keep it in a rotation with your other replica handbags and it will last a long time.

There’s no feet, so be careful putting in down on rough surfaces because you may damage the piping.


Thanks for reading my replica Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 review; do I recommend you buy a replica Louis Vuitton Speedy? Yes I do, this is a great daily handbag for any girl. If you’re not a fan of the Speedy, please check out my other replica handbag reviews, I regularly review replica handbags from all the major brands, so keep checking back to read new reviews!

Thanks for reading gals, and as always, stay fabulous!

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