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Hey girls!

I’m back with another replica handbag review! Today I’ll be reviewing the replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Artsy MM handbag! Louis Vuitton and there handbags need absolutely no introduction to us gals, so I’ll just dive right in to the review.

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Unlike its cousin, the Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull, this bag is a little smaller, but don’t let its size fool you, it can still fit a whole lot in there. I’d say this bag is better for businesswomen as it is literally the perfect size for A4 documents, and as much as I love the Neverfull, it can sometimes look like a diaper bag.

The handle is the sturdiest out of the entire replica Louis Vuitton collection in my opinion, it’s really reinforced so don’t worry too much if your bag is quite heavy with a lot of stuff in it.

It has SEVEN, yes SEVEN internal pockets, one of which is a nice big zip pocket for any valuables, you gals know how much I love organized handbags and this is one of the best for having separate segments.


It can look a little slouchy with wear over time, but as long as you’re not putting it under heavy use it will retain its shape very well.

Despite having an internal zip closure pocket, It has no full zip closure, which can make you think twice before you carry any large valuables in there.

The handle, albeit sturdy, will darken with time, again this only happens with heavy use, so take care of your replica bag and it will stay bright for a long time.

Some signs of wear on the corners have appeared, but again this is to be expected with heavy use.


Thanks for reading my replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Artsy MM review, do I recommend you buy one? YES! It’s a staple handbag for any collection, especially working women on the go, compact, stylish and spacious, what more can us gals ask for right?

Thanks for reading as always, stay fabulous!

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