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Hey girls,

I’m back with another Louis Vuitton replica handbag review! This time I’ll be reviewing the Louis Vuitton Kimono! As you know I’m a huge fan of Louis Vuitton, but their handbags can look a bit samey at times.

This model however, changes all of that. It’s such a unique model that it will stand out and shine bright among thousands of other LV handbags, I can’t get enough of the LV Kimono.

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This bag is 10.6 inches long, 11 inches high and 5.9 inches wide. It can store nowhere near as much as other large bags like the LV Neverfull replica and others, but it gives you plenty of space to work with.

The bag handles are nice and sturdy which is great because the Louis Vuitton Kimono has no strap, so it will need to be carried. The stitching is also top notch, as with most replicas I review.

The interior is a red lining, with 3 large internal compartments, one with a zip, and several smaller internal pockets too. So if you’re a gal who likes to keep her stuff organized like me this bag is a godsend.


Despite the internal zip pocket, the entire bag only has a clasp closer. The internal zip pocket isn’t large enough for valuables of a decent size(like a macbook) for example, so I don’t exactly feel safe when carrying important things with me. The design more than makes up for any flaws in my opinion though.

The leather is quite thick and can become scratched if you catch it on a sharp surface. My cat clawed mine on the red part and left quite a scratch, so be careful with it around sharp objects!


Thanks for reading my replica Louis Vuitton Kimono review. Do I recommend that you buy a replica Louis Vuitton Kimono Handbag? Naturally, the design alone warrants a purchase in my eyes. Its glam looks will be turning heads no matter which high street you’re on. This is one of the rarer LV bags, so get ready to talk about it a lot and be asked where you got it from!

As always, thanks for reading and stay fabulous!

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