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Hey Girls,

Welcome back to another replica handbag review! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Louis Vuitton Bloomsbury PM. As always, the famous LV pattern turns heads wherever you go, infinitely stylish and luxurious, I don’t think I’ve ever met a real girl who doesn’t immediately know what that 2-tone check pattern stands for. Let’s dive in to the review shall we?

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This bag was made to be worn crossbody, so I understand if it’s not for everyone. Check out my other LV replica bag reviews if you’re one of those people!

It comes with a zip closure, so it’s nice and secure, I feel really safe with the zip + crossbody combination and I can carry valuables like my macbook around no problem.

Aside from the main zip closing pocket, it has 1 more large pocket on the outside which closes with a magnet, this is perfect for something you need to get out quickly, or something get our frequently(for example a mirror, just kidding!)

The interior is in the delicious LV red we’ve all become accustomed to and feels just as nice as the leather on the outside.

Measurements are 13 inches wide, 11 inches high and 1-2 inches deep depending on how much stuff you have inside your replica LV Bloomsbury handbag.


As noted in the features section, this bag was made to be worn crossbody, which gives it a kind of messenger bag look. I understand it’s not for everyone.

I also believe that this bag only really works with casual attire. I can’t put my finger on it but something about the LV handbag just strikes me as not suiting formal attire, for example a suit.


Thanks for reading my Louis Vuitton Bloomsbury PM Replica Review, I hope it’s allowed you to come to an informed decision to see whether this is the right replica LV bag for you. If not, please check out my other Louis Vuitton replica handbag reviews and hopefully you can find the perfect bag for you!

Thanks for reading and as always, stay fabulous!

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