Replica Celine Nano Luggage Tote Handbag Review

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Hey girls,

Today I have a VERY special replica handbag review for you, that is my replica Cenine Nano Handbag Review! If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know that I LOVE mini-handbags, and this replica is a perfect like-for-like match of the real Cenine Nano.

If you too love mini-handbags, this is a MUST buy in my eyes.

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I love the structured design of this replica handbag, it makes it so easy to dress up or dress down, making it a perfect mini-handbag for any occasion, casual or formal.

It can be carried via the handle, or worn crossbody by attaching the detachable strap that comes with it.

There is a zip pocket on the front, and it comes with a zip closure, making it a very secure bag, I always feel safe walking around with valuables inside it. There is also a leather loop on the back which makes it perfect for sunglasses and accessories and the like.

The interior is a luxurious black suede which contains another pocket on the inside. Despite calling itself “Nano” it really is a spacious bag.

It’s a practical, all-round mini-bag that I HIGHLY recommend. The replica is an EXACT copy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made on the same construction line.


I went through a mini-handbag only phase, and despite being roomy for a mini-handbag, don’t expect too much. I consider the replica to be roomier than the real thing, but you still won’t be fitting anything big like business documents or a laptop in there.

As with most handbags real or replica, the stitching near the zip has started to fray a little after heavy usage. This is to be expected but is something to keep an eye out for.


I hope my replica Celine Nano luggage tote handbag review has helped you make up your mind on whether it’s the right replica handbag for you. In my eyes, if you’re looking for a small crossbody bag, there is no better alternative. The replica shop I use sells many different colors and models so check them out! Also check out my Replica Gucci Soho Disco Handbag Review for a similar mini handbag!

Thanks for reading girls and as always, stay fabulous!

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