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Replica Rolex Seadweller Review
March 28, 2017 10:20 am|Comments (0)

Hey guys,

Welcome back to another replica Rolex Watch Review. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Rolex Seadweller. This replica Rolex holds a special place in my heart, being my first replica and one of my favourite overall Rolex models. Let’s get started.

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Rolex Seadweller History

The Rolex Seadweller is another line of diver watches made by Rolex, just like its cousin the Rolex Submariner and its distant cousin, the Panerai Luminor. The vintage models can reach levels of up to 610 metres, or 2000 feet underwater and the newer models can reach up to 3900 meters, that’s 12800 feet.

Used by deep divers worldwide, this line of watches has become a cult smash hit among watch enthusiasts for its technological innovations that allow it to stay submerged at depth for long periods of time.

These innovations include a helium escape valve for saturation diving.

In Marh 2012, Rolex announced a new prototype diving watch to attempt to dive the DSV deepsea challenger.

Replica Rolex Seadweller Models

The replica shop I recommend has only 4 models of Replica Rolex Seadweller to choose from, which is such a shame because I really love this model. I currently own the rl206, a classy piece with a silver bracelet and a minimalistic black face. It goes well with almost any outfit.

For eveningwear, I would prefer the Jacques Piccard model though; the sleek black darkness of it eludes luxury.

I really wish they carried more Seadweller models, it really is a shame to see such a marvellous line of watches get such little representation in the replica world.


Thanks for reading my Replica Rolex Seadweller review, I hope you’ve found it useful. Please check out my other watch reviews, I review several brands of replica watches, such as Omega and Panerai.

As always, thanks for reading, and stay classy.

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