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Replica Goyard Handbag Reviews
April 3, 2017 2:38 pm|Comments (0)

Hey Girls,

Welcome to my replica Goyard handbag review page. Goyard is a French leather goods maker, which is quite rare, as most high fashion handbags come from fashion houses such as Prada or Gucci. They were established in 1953 in Paris, France, back then they were named Martin, and then Morel. They are 1 year older than Louis Vuitton, essentially making them the Kings(or should I say Queens) of designer handbags.

Replica Goyard St Louis Tote Handbag Review

Replica Goyard St Louis Tote Handbag Review
March 25, 2017 7:29 am|Comments (0)

Hey girls!

It’s time for another replica handbag review! Today I’ll be reviewing the replica Goyard St Louis Tote handbag! This is another large handbag, so it’s perfect for the woman who likes to carry a lot of stuff with her, like a busy business woman for example.

I love Goyard handbags because they’re a relatively unknown brand unlike Louis Vuitton, where you sometimes can’t leave the house without seeing one. You’ll be the envy of your friends with this replica!

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Firstly, the size. It’s similar to the Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Handbag.

Wow, I could fit my entire life in this bag. It’s huge, but it doesn’t look that big if you know what I mean, it’s hard to explain.

The material is a kind of cotton canvas, which has a painted design giving it a raised feel. This in my opinion makes it feel more luxury than other bags. You can also get it in up to 13 different colors, I was spoilt for choice!

In total, it’s 22 inches across, 12 ½ inches down and 7 ½ inches in depth. The handle is made of a thick leather, so it’s nice and sturdy.

It comes with a little pouch inside, this can be used to carry little bits and bobs but I would really prefer if they would have put in some internal pockets, I’ll cover this more in the drawbacks section. The little pouch is detachable in case you need to remove it.

The size makes it the perfect travel bag. It’s also reversible, so in effect you get 2 bags for the price of one!


The main problem for me is the lack of internal organization within the bag. I love being able to carry a lot with me, but being unable to separate all my stuff in to sections makes it hard to find, my mascara winds up mixed in with my lunch and business documents et cetera and it can make things really hard to find!

Another drawback is no zip closure, this again makes me think twice before I put anything too valuable in there.

The bag is very light for how much it can carry, but the material does make it a little flimsy, when full it’s perfectly sturdy, but if you’re not carrying much in it it can flop around a little.


Thanks for reading my replica Goyard St Louis Tote handbag review. Do I recommend this replica handbag? Yes, but only if you carry a lot with you. If you’re a light traveler, I recommend a smaller handbag. The replica store I buy from has plenty of different colors, so check it out!

Thanks for reading and as always, stay fabulous!

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